Fred Roberts Reviews EurNoVision 2016

A big EurNoThanks to Fred Roberts of Ragazine for his review of EurNoVision 2016.

The EurNoVision project which began in 2015 released a new edition late December 2016, curated by Paul Mangan. The compilation registers a strong political statement at a time when the veneer on Europe is showing serious cracks. Waves of refugees. Brexit. Terrorist attacks. While Europe veers towards disintegration, the cycle of songs shows a cohesive spiritual unity with many stand-out entries. Notable tracks are Rita Braga’s Erosão, a striking ballad on ukulele and broken piano. The Turkish contribution by R.A.N, from a country where protest has become extremely difficult, shows how art must pursue inner exile to survive. The German entry by Torstn Kauke – Warten Warten Warten, a song about waiting, offers a slow, deliberate beat, a monument of timing and catchy as hell. One surprise on the album is the well kept Russian secret AWOTT (Asian Women on the Telephone): Slavic chanting, industrial banging, demented saxophone that conjures the spirit of Captain Beefheart. The songs of EurNoVision should serve as a first stage towards deeper exploration of the artists involved. Tip of the iceberg of some amazing oeuvres. The next step for the EurNoVision project is to replace the Eurovision. I hope it happens soon.”

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