EurNoVision Is Expanding

Yes you heard right. EurNoVision is expanding to be more than just a yearly compilation. There are many plans, some preposterously ambitious and unlikely to occur and others which are more realistic.

For starters, from the beginning of 2018 there will be a monthly EurNoVision show on Mixcloud, this gives us a chance to feature bands who we really want to have on the compilations but for one reason or another cannot. Additionally it opens up the possibility of playing songs by artists from outside of Europe but who have the same EurNoSpirit, whatever that might be.

Secondly, if you have wandered onto this website of floating internet debris of late, you might have noticed that there is now a BLOG link in the main menu. That’s because in addition to news items such as this, we will be posting occasional reviews, interviews and so on covering bands who fit into the EurNoSphere or who have previously featured on the compilations.

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