EurNoVision is a yearly compilation of outsider music from the various underground scenes of Europe. Artists representing individual countries around Europe record a song specifically for the compilation or provide a previously unreleased or obscure track.  The project began back in 2015 and has featured artists such as Felix Kubin, DAT Politics, Cleaners From Venus and Mary Ocher. Now in it’s third incarnation with the release of EurNoVIsion 2017, the project has recently expanded with the addition of the EurNoVision Blog and EurNoVision Show which launches in early 2018.

Though close in name to another annual European music enterprise of questionable vision, that is where the similarities end. With EurNoVision, there are no winners, only weirdos. EurNoVision celebrates oddball originality and aims to unearth the hidden talents from the depths of the European music underground.


How It Works

Artists must record a song specifically for the compilation or submit a song which was previously unreleased or at least not commercially released previously.

No band can appear twice on the compilation series, once you’ve been one EurNoVision, that’s it!

We aim for a fairly even balance between genders, species, skeletons and invertebrates both living and dead on each compilation as well as a rich mixture of musical styles and approaches. EurNoVision additionally celebrates so called disputed territories/unofficial countries such as Catalonia, Scotland and the Basque Country.